My Love of Nike

nikeI would by no means refer to myself as a fashionista. I prefer to wear dresses because a dress is one piece and I don’t have to worry about mixing pieces together. I just add a few delicate pieces of jewelry and call it a day. It always kills me to spend too much money on clothes as well, especially if I have to spend money dry cleaning. After all, I am living on a teacher salary! It’s a different story when it comes to the money I am willing to spend on my dri-fit, spandex, and polyester blend running pieces. The difference between the beautiful top I spotted at Neiman Marcus in the hundred dollar range  and the Nike tank you see in the photo that I bought four of and spent over $150 on is that the Nike top is something I will wear at least six days a week and because I air dry all my running apparel, I know it will last me years and year. I am really in love with all of the women’s apparel Nike has created this season. The colors are bright and rich, the styles and cuts are edgier than ever, and they are priced very reasonably. I don’t spend too much time thinking about what I am going to wear to dinner on a Friday night, I just want something that I feel confident in. However, the night before a marathon I think about what top matches which bottoms best. Which headband will I wear? Do I want to do all black or be bold and stand out with bright colors? I know you have felt the agony of choosing a shoe color, the way I have! I have fun with my running fashion. My running apparel is what I feel the most confident in. What are your favorite running pieces? Do you air dry your apparel? Leave me a comment by clicking on “comments,” I’d love to hear from you!

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