Common Bonds

rsWe all lead such different lives, which is very evident just by spending a few minutes on social media. Whether you are a working girl, a full time mom, or a student, the ins-and-outs of your daily life may vary greatly from that of a girlfriends. Running is something that allows women to feel as though their lives are a bit more parallel to their friends lives. As a 32 year old teacher without children, I know I have a lot more flexibility in my schedule than someone like my girlfriend Renee, who is a small business owner with two active young children. I’m a city girl and she has a beautiful home in the rural area. I can fly off to New York City on whim, where as Renee has to consider accommodations for her children for a quick getaway. We spend our days and nights very differently, but one thing that we have made a connection with in our almost 20 year friendship is running. We were able to come together in 2014 to take a weekend trip to beautiful San Diego, California to run the San Diego Half Marathon. This trip was our first getaway trip together and was so memorable. We spent time catching up on the different aspects of our lives, pushing through the surprisingly hilly course, and celebrating our accomplishment by having too much Ghirardelli ice cream at the end of the night. Although our lives have gone in very different directions as we have gone from high school friends to adult women, we now have a new bond, running. We are girls like you. Do you find running as a common bond with your friends?

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