Running Playlist


1. You and Me- Disclosure: I first heard Disclosure about two years ago when playing around on iTunes late one night. I downloaded their album Settle and uploaded all the songs to my iPod. At the time, I hadn’t heard any of the songs that were on my playlist, but in the middle of a 20 mile long run, You and Me came on. It gave me a little kick in the butt when I was at about mile 15, and needed it. I played the song on repeat a few times, and sometimes still do. This is a great English duo who feature some pretty big names on their songs. They are worth checking out.
2. Whispering- Alex Clare: This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I first heard this song from Alex Clare in a promo for a season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Come on, you know you watch it! I love this song when it’s dark out and preferably cold. Alex Clare has a beautiful soulful voice.
3. This Girl is On Fire- Alicia Keys: I LOVE ME SOME ALICIA KEYS. She is a secret love of mine. I’ve loved her since 2001 when she took over the music scene with Fallin. I assure you, this will not be the only song of hers you see on my music page. This song just gets me fired up (no pun intended)! Her beautiful voice along with the lyrics will get any girl feeling like she is on fire. (Even better, she just ranher first marathon, the NYC Marathon! You go girl!)
4. In My Head- Queens of the Stone Age: 2005 was the year I first heard Queens of the Stone Age and I have been a fan since. Josh Homme’s voice. Enough said. These rockers are talented musicians who truly play rock’n’roll, which I feel is rare these days. Homme is also a member of Them Crooked Vultures, another great group. I love this song and video. Turn this on when wanting to run a little faster.
5. Reflektor- Arcade Fire: The only group I can’t remember how I discovered, but it doesn’t even matter. All that matters is that I heard them and have loved them since. I love how unique their sound is, I can’t really think of anyone to compare them to, they’re just fun. I have a love of French pop music, so maybe that is why I love this Canadian indie band. I love the sound of Regine’s voice in Reflektor. Be sure to check out their other songs and watch them live, it’s a pretty big group and entertaining.

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