What to Wear After a Marathon

uggsEver heard anyone say how uggly Uggs are? They may not be the prettiest shoe (ask any guy what they think) but they sure do come in handy after having run 26.2 miles. I’ve calculated that during a marathon I take almost 37,000 steps. That is a lot of pounding on my giant feet(10 1/2 running shoes)! As soon as you cross the finish line, you start to feel the aches and pains you may not have noticed while you were on an adrenaline filled run. Your medal is placed around your neck, you smile for the photographer, and then you begin to limp. Your legs feel like noodles, your back aches, and you discover just how much you use the muscles in your neck and shoulders while running. But, your feet did the most work. Those two suckers just took a beating and now need a break. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to go anywhere near a pair of running shoes. Most of the marathons that I have run are during fall or winter when it’s (hopefully) cool enough to wear Uggs. I always wear these shoes to the race, with my running shoes hidden safely in my bag with all my other goods. As soon as I finish my race, I head for my bag and tear off my running shoes. Slipping my feet and calves into my Uggs is one of the best feelings, it’s like walking on little pillows. It makes moving around in an effort to meet up with loved ones, trying to find snacks, and then the bathroom so much more comfortable. If you don’t want to purchase Uggs, you can find the same style boot that is more affordable online or even at DSW.

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