About Shirin

1053121_10101168671714686_520981414_oHi there, I’m Shirin Farahani! Thanks for visiting Girls Run This. I am a native Houstonian, and have been running regularly for the past ten years. While attending the University of Houston-Main Campus, I decided to take on running, to get in shape. Upon graduation, with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisclipinary Studies, I began my career as a teacher and began to train for my first marathon, completing the Chicago Marathon in the heat wave of 2007. I have since run Chicago two more times, the Boston Marathon and Marine Corps Marathon twice each, the NYC Marathon once, the Houston Marathon nine times, and the Athens Classic Marathon in Athens, Greece. My personal best time is 3:34:16, run at the 2009 Boston Marathon.
When I’m not running I am spending time with people I love, teaching fourth graders really interesting things, dining out, baking, and traveling. Send me an email or leave a comment! I love meeting new runners!

One thought on “About Shirin

  1. How do you balance the rigorous schedule of teaching elementary and running? Great blog! Fellow Houstonian (& runner) here and stumbled across your blog from IG. Cheers!


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